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Custom Winery Impressionist Oil Painting by Andrei Voica


I was born in Moldova and, as you may know, we have a lot of wineries there. I have friends who own a winery and I know just how much time, effort, and devotion it takes to grow a wine business and to make it successful.

A winery is always a special place to visit. Not just because of the wine, which, of course, is the main reason we go there. But there is something magical about the landscape, the grapes, the greenery, the feeling of freedom and relaxation you get whenever you are at a winery.

As a landscape artist, I try to connect with nature and to express its beauty through my paintings. I grew up visiting and painting infinite fields of wine grapes, as this is such a common landscape in my home country.

A bespoke oil painting of your winery will not only be a beautiful artwork to have for you and your guests to admire, but it will also be a precious gift to pass on to the generations to come.

Order your bespoke impressionist oil painting today

Your painting will be created using master grade oil colours and high quality canvases, that will last for the many years to come. My artistic style is impressionism with a twist - I use very juicy colours and play with the contrasts between lights and shadows. 

I would love to create for you a custom oil painting depicting your beautiful winery. I'm happy to answer all your questions at or at the telephone number I have left in my last email.

Order your bespoke impressionist oil painting here:

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