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Painting "Amsterdam in Mid-September"

I decided to paint the vibrant and beautiful city of Amsterdam somewhere in the middle of September. Autumn is both a melancholic and beautiful time of the year, and I think we need to cherish it more. 

Here is a timelapse of the entire process:

 I have mainly used warm tones to emphasize the warm and comforting feeling that autumn brings to us.

The colors of the buildings also resemble the colors of autumn leaves, as they turn golden, red, and brown.

I'm always using high quality oil colors from St Petersburg and a premium linen canvases for all of my paintings, to ensure that the painting will last for many, many years to come.

When shipping my paintings, I send them already stretched on wood stretcher bars. Other artists tend to take the canvas off the stretcher bars and roll them and send them in tubes, but there is a very high chance to damage the paintings this way, because it's quite complicated to stretch the rolled painting again. So I ship the artworks already stretched, as they are when I start to paint on them.

So once it gets to the collector, all they need is to hang the painting on the wall and that's it!

I know some people like to frame their paintings, but I've also recently noticed that a lot of people tend to hang the paintings unframed. Either way, it's a matter of taste, so I recommend doing as you wish, and also trying to maintain the style of the room where you're planning to hang the painting.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the painting!

You can order "Amsterdam in Mid-September" with free trackable worldwide shipping here: 

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