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House In The Countryside
House In The Countryside

House In The Countryside

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This is a one-of-a-kind oil painting on linen canvas.

This oil painting represents traditional stone pillars at the entrance of an old Moldovan home in the countryside.

The traditional Moldovan gate consists of three pillars. The symbols carved on the gate pillars are from the pre-Christian period and were intended to protect and purify family members when passing between them.

You will see interesting symbols carved in the stone. The sun in the shape of a flower represents life and has several representations: a circle, star, a round face. The passage through the gate was a symbol in itself. In ancient times, the man was the one who left to work, to the medieval fair, or to fight the invaders.

When he returned home it was considered he was burdened with the evils of the world, diseases, curses, and charms. The passage through the gate purified him and cleansed the spirit in order to safely rejoin his family inside the home.

I love painting the countryside because I connect with the past of my ancestors that had a very interesting way of life in harmony with the environment.

The Moldovan village is slowly disappearing and through oil painting, I bring my contribution to conserve the old rural life the at least in a visual form in oil colors on canvas.

Title: “Casa Bunicilor” (“Countryside Oil Painting”)

Oil on linen by Andrei Voica

40x50 cm/ 16x20 in


The painting comes with my signature both on the front and on the back. You also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

! Please make sure to provide the correct and exact address to which I will send you the artwork.

! The painting comes unframed.