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Modern Impressionism

It’s a fact that art cannot be an act of mimicry. It has to be something more, otherwise the artist would not be considered more than an imperfect camera. Since the forefathers of the impressionists, such as Monet, Renoir and Sisley, modern impressionists continue the legacy of transposing light onto canvas. The true beauty of the world comes from natural landscapes. The impressionist landscape is probably the most honest way to depict the beauty of nature.

After I’ve quit my experiments with abstract art a few years ago, I have realised that it is better to reconnect with nature and make a habit from painting en plein air. Modern impressionism is at the core of my artistic journey at this point in time. One would say that nature is perfect in all its forms, and that is where the inspiration comes from.

impressionism landscape

What if the nature and the world are imperfect and full of imperfect textures, and the role of the modern impressionist is to continue to represent the dimension of reality never seen in other works of art? Modern impressionism as the initial movement aims to project a snapshot of the world, presenting the painter’s perception of reality. The external world is perceived by each of us through a "distorted lens". Impressionist paintings in essence capture that distortion on a canvas.

S. Blackmore in an article published in Science Focus writes that people see the same colors differently, usually because some of us have more or fewer types of cone cells, the wavelength sensitive photoreceptors in the retina at the back of the eyes. That means that a modern impressionist landscape is a very intimate world perception of the painter. It is unique in its way. Impressionism brings a great deal of intimacy and space for interpretation, as the viewer will enjoy the piece and continue to decode it through a personal filter.

impressionism landscape

The modern impressionist style reflects the mind of the artist and truly unique representations of color that are always very satisfying to admire. Modern impressionism represents the unleashing of the artistic mind and the liberation from the chains of mimicry of the world. It is a way to create the world and the reality, which are original, imperfect, splendid and unrepeatable, all at the same time.

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