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How to chose art for your home

Your home is a special place where you are seeking peace of mind and relaxation. I know that mornings can be difficult and starting the day with a drop of color may help. 

How to chose art for your home

Researchers confirm that by looking at an art piece your brain blood flow increases. That is equal to looking at someone you love.

Mornings can be difficult, isn’t it? Some of us would turn on the TV and drink a cup of tea or coffee. According to medical studies our brain gets more confused than awakened by watching a random TV show.

You should try to relax instead and look at an artwork that brings you inner peace and helps you get your thoughts in order before an intensive workday.

It is important to have the artwork piece in plain view. You should hang it at eye level. When it comes to sizes you may opt-in for larger-scale art pieces.

My recommendation to you is to keep the frame at a minimum or even exclude the frame entirely. Most of the time canvas prints come unframed and are ready to be hung on the wall.


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